FAQ’s during Lockdown


FAQ’s during Lockdown


Q:       I am enrolled for April 2020 exam. What is going to happen to my studies? When am I going to write?

A:       There are going to be only 2 semesters in 2020. You will automatically be enrolled by DHET for the 1st exam in 2020. Which we think is going to be written in May 2020.

Those enrolled for the August exam as well as those that enrolled for the November exam will write the 2nd exam in 2020. We expect it will be in October/November 2020.


Q:          I enrolled for April 2020, will my test mark still be valid for 3 exams?

A:          No, your mark is valid for 1 year. Only 2 exams in 2020. (remember you must pay R700 and send us your new enrolment form together with proof of payment for us to know that you want to write the consecutive exam)


Q:          I just want to find out what is going to happen with the rest of Trimester 1 because on the website I see we can start enrolling for Trimester 2, but we haven’t completed Trimester 1

I understand the examinations have been postponed but what will be the consequences for the rest of the course? Should I start enrolling for the second Trimester or wait for further notice.

A:          This is totally up to you. You may enrol but whichever courses you enrol now will only be written the 2nd exam(October/November 2020). You will have the advantage of a longer study period.

We are offering you the opportunity to enrol for the second exam because people want to use their time in a positive way, and this is the perfect time to study.


Q:          May I enrol now for the 2nd semester?

A:          Yes, you may.  We expect the exam will be in October/November 2020.


Q:          I am already a student can I buy just the study guide.?

A:          Due to the lockdown we implemented the e-book study method. We can only get the study guide if we buy a textbook. Cost is R400.


Q:          Can I still register for the next coming exams?

A:          Registrations for the 1st upcoming exams are finalised at DHET. You may register for the second semester.

Currently there will only be 2 exams in 2020.


Q:          I would just like to know if it is possible for me to enrol for N2 although I am still waiting to write the last two subjects on N1.

A:          You may. Currently DHET plan on 2 exams for 2020.

We will let you write any exam after the 1st exam in 2020 or 2021.


Q:          I am an exam only student, can I get the study guide?

A:          Yes, pay R400. Send proof of payment with your ID, name, surname a subject through. This is a wise decision. You can only benefit by an additional textbook and study guide


Q:          How do I enrol with Technicol SA? Where do I get the online textbooks?

A:          See enrolments – take the applicable enrolment form complete it. Mail it to us with proof

payment and a copy of your ID. We will then send you the relevant information.


Q:          Can I get a quotation during lockdown?

A:          Please send your info to h8@technicolsa.co.za and we will return your quotation. Remember to include (telephone number, address, ID number, subjects). Also mention if it must be full time or correspondence. If correspondence, remember to add your exam centre.


Q:          Where can I get the online books?

A:          It is not online textbooks. You will receive an e-book with a study guide and question papers via e-mail. Sent by us. You only need a smartphone, tablet or a computer.


Q:          How much will enrolments cost now?

A:          The price is on the enrolment form. It did not change. Same price. It is only the method to get the study material to you that changed. If this is a new enrolment the price stays the same. R2200 for Pretoria students. R2500 if we need to enrol you at your nearest institution.


Q:          I am enrolled. Can I get only the study guide?

A:          Unfortunately the study guide is not available on its own. You need to pay R400 additional to get the e-book and study guide.


Q:          Where will I write exam if I enrol through Technicol SA?

A:          You will tell us. It is the nearest exam centre to you that has a MOU with us.


Q:          The Business assignment due date is during the lockdown. When do I submit?

A:          You may submit during lockdown, or the 1st day after lockdown. It will only be marked and send back after lockdown.


Q:          Can I get an extra question paper and memo?

A:          Yes, we normally ask R100 per question paper and memo, but due to the lockdown we will send it to you for free.

We do not send more than 3 question papers and memos per subject per request.

Please mention what you have, so that we do not duplicate.


Q:          Will exam dates be given through to the students?

A:          Only via the web page and Facebook, enrolled students will receive an email.


Q:          I would like to ask, if we apply for a correspondence course, would the students still have access to the lectors for questions on subjects, and maybe go and see the lecturers for certain concerns regarding the online subjects?

A:          No contact with lecturers will be allowed during lockdown. After the lockdown we will assist, but with the student study guide it will be much easier.


Q:          When does the new enrolments start and when does it close?

A:          We are already doing new registrations. We have not been informed by DHET of the closing date yet.

We will post it on the website as well as Facebook. You may also enquire via e-mail (info@technicolsa.co.za) after the lockdown period.


Q:          I have not received my Test/Assignment Mark can I get them during lockdown.

May I also get the memo?

A:          Yes, you are more than welcome to send me an e-mail at h8@technicolsa.co.za. Please mention your ID and subjects.

By Brendon Taljaard
Apr 21, 2020