Exam Information

When handing in your assignment, ask for your temporary exam date and when to collect your time table (we will register you).

Pick one of the following exam centres to complete on your enrolment form.

It is the responsibility of the student to confirm the exam enrolment and place with Technicol SA College one week before the close of registration. See important dates

Enquire about the exam time table one day before the start of the exams. See exam dates

3 x Engineering Exams per year:

2 x Business Exams per year:

Engineering Exam Dates

Trimester 1

Exam Start 26 March 2018
Exam End 13 April 2018

Trimester 2

Exam Start 18 July 2018
Exam End 8 August 2018

Trimester 3

Exam Start 9 November 2018
Exam End 30 November 2018

Business Exam Dates

Semester 1

Exam Start 25 May 2018
Exam End 22 June 2018

Semester 2

Exam Start 12 November 2018
Exam End 30 November 2018



190 Quagga Rd
Pretoria West
South Africa

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